Saturday, September 22, 2012

This Is A Time For The President To Be "Presidential"!

Seeing our American flag stomped on and burned "hurts my heart", as grandson Christian used to say when he was little and sad about something. It's what that flag stands for that makes it so sad ... all those who have died or been wounded fighting for the freedom that that flag represents. I think of my father and all the others who fought in WWII ... Korea ... Viet Nam ... the Gulf War ... Iraq
... Afghanistan. Now we watch on T.V. as that flag is desecrated and our American Ambassador is tortured and killed and drug through the streets like a piece of trash - and remember the others who were killed trying to protect the embassy people - and where is our American President??? Why hasn't he been OFTEN on the same T.V. STRONGLY condemning the murders, speaking to the families of the deceased, voicing sympathy and ANGER at the murders ... instead of, once again, apologizing with Hillary Clinton to the radical Muslims committing these crimes!!!??? Instead of hanging out with the Las Vegas celebrities? Instead of being with Beyonce and her husband? Instead of being on a radio talk show with a guy with the insulting-to-women name of "Limp Pimp" or something like that? Instead of yakking it up again with David Letterman on t.v.? Why isn't my President BEING "presidential" at this very serious moment?! I am angry about this, obviously. There should be a lot of anger right now about the way the President is behaving during this time, I don't care if you voted for him or not ... if you are Republican, Democrat, Tea Partier, etc. He should be behaving as a President in a time of danger and stress, not a T.V. star.

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