Sunday, November 4, 2012


Okay, here I am spouting off again, but I've just got to say it:


Contrary to what our President said yesterday in a speech - you don't vote to "get revenge"; you vote because you have studied the issues, listened to all of the political speeches and watched the debates. You vote because you then decide which candidate comes closest to the issues that you support, whi
ch issues you consider best for America. The President said, in response to boos from the audience towards Gov. Romney at each anti-Romney comment, "Don't boo! Vote! That's the best revenge!"

I thought that was rather insulting and disrespectful - even to himself. After all, it's not saying much for you and your agenda if the only reason you can give for voting for you is "revenge" against the other party/candidate. I thought it showed that the President might be thinking he just doesn't have any other defense, so he's now urging his followers to "take revenge" against the other candidate by voting him back in for the second term.

It seems to me that the "revenge" motive for voting is disrespectful to ALL voters, no matter which candidate you are voting for. Are we not intelligent enough ... mature enough ... to think through the issues and decide to vote BECAUSE of the issues, and not simply to "take revenge"?

"Vote! That's the best revenge!" ??? No! VOTE, yes. But not for revenge. Vote because you agree or disagree with one candidate or the other; because you are intelligent enough and mature enough to understand what each candidate stands for.

No. Do NOT vote "for revenge". Vote because we are PRIVILEGED to be able to vote and vote for the right reasons. "Revenge" is not the reason.
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