Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Friend

We've been friends for so long, Janice - I miss you already. Remember what we said the other day? If you got to heaven "any time soon" you'd send me back a message of "what it's like"! That it'd be so amazing to really BE with God, and you'd try so hard to let me know what it's like? We both decided God "should have" "fixed it" so that we could at least see the one entering heaven entering, even if the one left here wasn't entering yet!

"The Message"

So ... what will it be?
The voice of an angel I cannot see?
The touch of a feather falling invisibly?

Or, will you just use my Facebook page
and simply private-message me?

We joked about it, didn't we?
Made silly plans so gleefully.
Never dreaming that today you'd be leaving so suddenly.

Well, I'm glad, Janice, you've gone to glory,
'cause you've left your pain and earthly worry
though I do admit I am saddened, too, and
maybe I WILL look for that message from you!

Love you, Friend.
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