Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"Holy Sufferer" poem on rack cards

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NONNY AND HER THOUGHTS .....: My Zazzle Store Panel: "make custom gifts at Zazzle"

Mother's Day Poem Card

Holy Sufferer

They pushed a crown of thorns
down upon His head.
He could have hated them then;
He chose to love instead.

Jesus bore our burdens,
bore our sin, our wrongs.
He pushed the heavy cross along,
as He was jeered by the throngs.

The painful thorns drew blood,
the nails caused burning pain.
Yet He endured it all.
"Finished". He went home again.

Oh, Jesus, Holy Sufferer,
a glorious gift You gave.
You chose to shed Your precious blood,
this sinful world to save.

- Sandra Mers Clayton -