Thursday, February 14, 2013

Real Love ...

I've had this little book for a long time; still enjoy reading from it. This poem and meditation seemed to be perfect for today, Valentine's Day. Too often nowadays "love" is defined as "sex"; or "sex" as "love". The two can go together perfectly well within marriage. "Sex", though, doesn't equal love; and real love does not fear "commitment"; and, if there is real love, the sex can wait for the commitment. I've had 43 years with a man who believed that - and the passion and "feelings" that were there in the beginning are still there, after all these years. God did not tell us "a -man -marries -a -woman -and- a -woman -marries -a -man- and -no- sex- until- you -are -married" to torture us ... He knew the consequences of doing otherwise. He knew that besides the physical attraction and feelings, love needs commitment. We would do well to heed his commands on this matter.

"If Love Were Just A Feeling" (By: Jim Long ... from the book: Wake Up To Yourself, by: Andrea Midgett))

Like a hot shot on a new-car shopping spree,
I'd check out your equipment,
if love were just a feeling.
I'd study all the external things -
the shape of your body, the style of your talk,
your humor and poise.
I'd judge by what I see, hear, touch,
if love were just a feeling.

Like two mannequins sharing a display case in silence,
I'd never really know you.
I'd ignore your humanness, deny your faults.
I'd exploit you, taking what you have,
what I want,
if love were just a feeling.

Like Swedish ivy intertwined,
I'd cling to you possessively.
And smothering you, I'd make our already superficial
relationship more shallow still,
if love were just a feeling.

Like a sportsman shooting white-water rapids,
I'd conquer you and move on,
if love were just a feeling.
Our relationship would surge,
invigorating but temporary.
There would be no commitment to hold me
when the inevitable conflicts would come,
if, for me, love were just a feeling.


"It's not inaccurate to think of love as a feeling. It's just incomplete." ..... "But passion is not the essence of love, because feelings will come and go. Love is caring about another person in every way. It's wanting the best for another and respecting his or her individuality. It's a willingness to forsake our personal desires for those of the other person, desires we may not understand. In brief, love is commitment. And commitment costs. Consider Christ's love for us and what it cost Him. His love didn't depend on feelings; it depended on His will to love us even when the love wasn't returned. Christ's model of love is one we should aspire to in all our relationships - His is complete love.